Japanese Facial Massage
JAPANESE FACIAL MASSAGE Ancient Japanese massage techniques target all pressure points on your face, head, and neck


ASHIATSU Barefoot massage uses continuous flowing deep tissue and compression strokes that glide over the entire
Kid's Massage
KID’S MASSAGE For kids under the age of 12, 30 minutes is adequate time.
Pregnancy Massage
PREGNANCY MASSAGE We have a pregnancy specific table for your utmost comfort. Feel the relief of muscles, joints,
Couple's Massage
COUPLES MASSAGE Enjoy your time together in our Couples Suite. You may individually request the type of massage you
ARABIAN EXOTIC DATE AND WILD HONEY POLISH Turkish Coffee and vanilla beans are enveloped in sweet almond and pomegranate oils infused with Pure Honey, Red Sandalwood, Dates and Moroccan Lava Clay accompanied by a massage with Nourishing Sandalwood and Almond Crème. Ahhh.
ARABIAN EXOTIC DATE & WILD HONEY POLISH Turkish Coffee and Vanilla Beans are enveloped in Sweet Almond and
Deep Tissue / Sports Massage: Spa at Beaver Run in Breckenridge, Colorado
DEEP TISSUE / SPORTS MASSAGE Designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body. Specific techniques
Swedish Massage: Spa at Beaver Run in Breckenridge, Colorado
SWEDISH MASSAGE World renowned Gliding and Kneading massage technique’s designed to soften tense, sore
Hot Stone Massage: The Spa at Beaver Run in Breckenridge, Colorado
HOT STONE MASSAGE Hot stones are combined with massage to create this luxurious treatment. You will be left with a